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Our mission seeks to see that there is a thorough and correct understanding of the concept of 'ECOTOURISM' and that this cannot be viewed without realizing the very nature of 'CONSERVATION'.

We firmly believe that ecotourism and conservation cannot exist without each other. In today's complex world where there are economic considerations, which are far more complex and impinging on sustainability.

Ecotourism is "nature-based tourism that involves education and interpretation of the natural environment and is managed to be ecologically sustainable. This definition recognizes that natural environment includes cultural components and that ecologically sustainable involves an appropriate return to the local community and long-term conservation of the resource."

"Ecotourism implies a scientific, aesthetic or philosophical approach." The persons involved will eventually acquire a consciousness and knowledge of the natural environment, together with its cultural aspects, that will convert him into somebody keenly involved in conservation issues.

An idea is about thinking. So in today's session we want ideas to flow like never before. Let us understand and debate these very ideas that are being sown - not just as a fad but something that needs institutionalizing - something that would be at the heart of our work. If we are able to do this then perhaps sustainability is not too far off. This is what really would constitute that 'paradigm shift'.